Better Reports

Choosing a visual type

You must choose a visual type for your report:
  • Table
  • Matrix
  • Bar / Line
  • Scatter plot
Visual type selector

Table report

Tables are the most commonly used visual type.
  • The header row shows the name of each column
  • Each column represents a dimension or measure
  • Data rows can be sorted by one or multiple columns
  • Support multi-level subtotals and grand total
Example of a table report

Bar / Line report

Bar chart and line charts are the second most popular visual type. Line charts are often used to track a metric over time and bar charts are often used to compare different segments. You can also change the orientation, type (area, line, bar) and even create combo charts.
Example of a line report

Matrix report

Also known as cross-tab report or pivot table. Matrix reports have a tabular format, with one or several dimensions on both rows and columns. The table cells show a measure.
Example of a matrix report

Scatter plot

Scatter plots are rarely used in a business context. They are useful in scientific domains to visualize the correlation between two numeric variables. It is possible to use different bubble colors per segment and change the bubble size based on a chosen measure.