Better Reports

Loading reports

The first tab in Better Reports is the Reports page.
The report page showing all built-in and custom reports for the selected connection
It shows:
  • The list of built-in reports (1, 2) for the selected connection (4)
  • The list of custom reports (3) for the selected connection (4)
In the screenshot above, the connection selector (4) shows that the selected connection is nitrocharts, which is the name of our connected Shopify store. As a result, the built-in reports show the list of all Shopify reports that come out of the box (1, 2). They are organized in several groups, such as Sales and Transactions. It also shows that we have a single custom report Orders tagged for pickup, located at (3) in the screenshot. Custom reports are reports that were created by a member of the team. They are private and are associated with a single connection.
To load the reports from another connection, switch to a different connection (4). The list of reports will change and show the reports associated with the selected connection.
If you belong to multiple organizations, you can also use the organization selector to switch. The connection selector (4) will change and show the connections associated with the chosen organization.