User Someone that signed up for an account on Better Reports with their email address.
Organization An organization is an isolated space, with its own data connections, reports, team members and settings. Using multiple organizations is appropriate if you collaborate with different teams and/or if you need to assign different permissions for different projects. Each organization is billed independently. A user can create one or several new organizations and can be invited to existing organizations.
Team member When a user is invited to an organization, they become a member of that organization. Each member is either an admin or a member. Admins have special rights, including the ability to manage settings, billing, connections and invite additional members.
Schedule Scheduling reports is a powerful feature that lets you automatically generate any report based on a periodic schedule. The generated reports are delivered to your inbox or pushed to Google Sheets.
For example, you could set up the Weekly sales report to be delivered to your team's email address every Monday at 7 AM.
Data connection A connection is established when you connect an app to your organization. To connect an app (or API or other online services), you simply authorize Better Reports to access your app's data. Once the connection is established, Better Reports will start importing your app's data. Depending on the amount of data, the initial import might take anywhere from a few seconds to several hours. However, the initial import is a one-off operation. Once fully imported, Better Reports is constantly working in the background to keep your data in sync and reflect any data changes that might occur in the connected app.
Connections are what you get billed for each month and each connector has its own pricing model.

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