Create an account

  1. Sign up for a new account (with your email address)
  1. Sign in to your account
Note for Shopify users: If you installed Better Reports directly from the Shopify app store, a special shop account is created automatically for your store. You don't need to create a personal account. Find out more

Connect your apps

To use Better Reports, you must connect to at least one connector.
Go to add connection and choose the app that you want to connect. Follow the authorization process, which is slightly different for each app (typically, you just need to click a button to authorize access to Better Reports).
Don't see the app that you want to import data from? Let us know at connectors@betterreports.com. We're adding new connectors regularly and we prioritize them based on your feedback.

Invite your team

Invite team members to join your organization. You can invite unlimited members for free. Users may either be admin or member, depending on required permissions.
  • Admin: Only the admin can make changes to settings for data connections, members, and billing.
  • Member: Members can view all settings/permissions but cannot change data connections, members, or billing.
You can also create additional organizations. Each organization is an entirely separate space, with its own members and its own data connections. Using multiple organizations is appropriate if you collaborate with different teams and/or if you need to assign different data permissions for different projects.