Built-in Reports

We have made available detailed, interlinked data related to Stripe accounts under various categories. Here is an overview of each report category and a brief description of the included reports. You can customize each report as well to suit your reporting needs.


  • Charges: A report on all charges processed.
  • Failed Charges: A report on charges that failed to process.
  • Monthly Charges: A monthly breakdown of charges.
  • Monthly Charges by Outcome: Monthly charges grouped by their outcomes.
  • Monthly Charges by Payment Method: Monthly charges sorted by payment methods used.
  • Monthly Decline Reasons: A report on the reasons for declined charges each month.


  • Disputes: A summary of all disputes and their outcomes.
  • Monthly Disputes: A monthly breakdown of disputes.

Issuing Transactions

  • Issuing Transactions: A summary of all issuing transactions.
  • Monthly Issuing Transactions: A monthly breakdown of issuing transactions.
  • Monthly Issuing Transactions by Cardholder: Issuing transactions grouped by cardholders each month.


  • Payouts: A summary of all payouts.


  • Prices: A list of all prices for your products or services.

Subscription Items

  • Active Subscriptions: A detailed list of active subscriptions.
  • Active Subscriptions by Product, Price: Active subscriptions sorted by product and price.
  • Canceled Subscriptions: A report on canceled subscriptions.
  • Subscriptions Past Due: A list of past-due subscriptions.
  • Trialing Subscriptions: A summary of subscriptions in the trial phase.

Balance Transactions

  • All Transactions: A complete list of all transactions.
  • Connect Transfers and Fees: A summary of transfers and fees related to connected accounts.
  • Monthly Detailed Summary: A detailed monthly summary of all transactions.
  • Monthly Transaction Summary: A monthly summary of all transactions.
  • Payout Reconciliation: A report to reconcile payouts with individual balance transactions.
  • Weekly Transaction Summary: A weekly summary of all transactions.


  • Customers: A list of all customers.


  • Invoice Lines: A summary of all invoice line items.
  • Invoice Details: Detailed information on each invoice.
  • Invoices: A summary of all invoices.
  • Draft Invoices: A report on draft invoices.
  • Open Invoices: A report on open invoices.
  • Uncollectible Invoices: A summary of uncollectible invoices.
  • Unpaid Invoices: A report on unpaid invoices.

Price Tiers

  • Price Tiers: A summary of all price tiers.


  • Review Queue: A report on the Radar review queue.


  • Inactive Subscriptions: A list of inactive subscriptions.
  • Subscriptions Past Due: A summary of past-due subscriptions.