Connect Platforms - Connected Accounts

What are connected accounts?

Business models like marketplaces and software platforms use Stripe Connect to route payments between businesses, customers, and recipients who need to get paid.
By default, Better Reports can only report with your connection (the platform itself) and can not report on the transactions of the connected accounts.
However, with a one-time setup of restricted keys, you can report on transactions of your connected accounts and their payouts.

Steps to create a restricted key

You can refer to Stripe’s documentation on restricted keys - https://stripe.com/docs/development/dashboard/manage-api-keys#create-a-restricted-api-secret-key
We have summarized the steps for restricted keys and you can also see a video here -
1) Navigate to the page to create a restricted key: https://dashboard.stripe.com/apikeys/create
2) Make sure that you are not in test mode
3) For the Key name, enter 'Better Reports'
4) For the permissions, be sure to enable the following.
a) Under Permissions, enable READ for 'All Connect resources' and WRITE for Webhook endpoints
b) Under Connect Permissions, enable READ for all resources
5) Share with us using https://onetimesecret.com or another secure mechanism.
6) Once we activate the feature with your key, you'll notice on
https://dashboard.stripe.com/webhooks that Better Reports created a new webhook endpoint.
It's important that you don't delete it otherwise the data will stop updating and the reports will be inaccurate.

Pricing implications

The monthly transactions counted for pricing for connected accounts are the sum of
  1. Platform’s own transactions
  1. The total number of transactions across all of the connected accounts
Based on the above, the monthly pricing can be estimated here - https://www.betterreports.com/connectors/stripe

Common Use cases

Analyzing trends by connected account
Summary of transactions for each connected account.


If you are looking for invoices for each connected account, it will require creating a separate schedule for each connected account. This is only practical if there are few connected accounts.
The formatting capabilities of Better Reports will make it look like a report and not an invoice.

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