Common Use Cases

Some of the common use cases of Stripe include -
  • Reconcile payout with individual balance transactions
  • Weekly / Monthly detailed list and summary of transactions
  • Charge by the outcome, payment method, and decline reasons
  • Active, canceled, trialing, and inactive subscriptions by price, plan, and product
  • Customer list
  • Disputes and their outcomes
  • Break down of draft, open, unpaid, and uncollectible invoices
  • Issuing transactions by card and cardholders
  • Radar review queue
  • Consolidate data from multiple Stripe accounts
  • Reporting on custom and Metadata fields
For Stripe Connect customers, we also have a method to enable reporting across all their connections. Please read more on that here -
Connect Platforms - Connected Accounts
Customers often use Better Reports to automate their daily, weekly, or monthly reporting by making using of the Scheduling feature.
Please reach out to us if you need any assistance setting this up.