Do you use the popular app Store Pickup + Delivery by Zapiet? It's a fantastic app that provides a solution for in-store pickup and local delivery.
The pickup and delivery information is recorded in multiple Order attributes, that can be displayed in reports.
You can add this data to your report by using the field search in the Edit screen and selecting "order attribute". Then you can select the required attribute from the drop-down.
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Custom fields can be created to convert text order attributes to date formatted fields. The benefit of this field type is that you can use these as date filters, configure the date part and sort by chronological date.
An example formula to use is: TRY_CONVERT(DATE, [$.Order.Attribute('Delivery-Date')])
If this doesn’t work as expected, you may need to review the date style options.
Our support team can help you create customized delivery date and pickup fields that work like proper date fields. Reach out to hello@betterreports.com if you need a hand 😀.